Louisiana LLC Articles of Organization

Choosing the right Louisiana llc Articles of Organization can make the difference between your business succeeding and failing. They establish duties, rights, liabilities, and obligations between the members. In addition to being an important legal document, louisiana llc Articles of Organization will also protect your company and your investors. The following article will explain what you need to do to ensure your LLC’s success. In addition, you’ll discover how to avoid common mistakes that can cause you to fail.

Louisiana Articles Of Organization

Articles of Organization

Filing the Articles of Organization is the first step in forming your company in Louisiana. The filing fee is $100, plus a $5 state fee. Generally, it takes two to four weeks for the llc to be formed, although it can take as little as one week if you choose to expedite the process. Before filing your articles, you should determine the number of members and the nature of your business, as well as your location and timeframe.

There are two forms for the louisiana articles of organization. One form requires you to include the phrase “limited liability company” and the abbreviations llc or LC. It is important that you do not include a phrase that implies an illegal purpose. The other form requires the words “engineer” or “surveyor,” which must be approved by the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Survey Board. The registered agent also signs the documents.

Filing the louisiana articles of organization is a simple process. The first step is to collect all of the information you need to complete the form. Then, you can file the form either by mail or online. To file your articles online, you’ll need a geauxBIZ account. You’ll need to pay the filing fee online or in person. You can file the louisiana llc Articles of Organization online.

You can also file an amended version of your LLC Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. If you have multiple members, you must file an operating agreement. An operating agreement details the rules of management and sets expectations for decisions made by the members of the LLC. If you need help drafting the documents, there are templates available online or from an attorney. Be sure to check the state’s licensing requirements before filing your LLC’s Articles of Organization.

Filing fee

When you start a new LLC in Louisiana, you must file articles of organization, or LLC documents, with the Secretary of State. These documents contain important information about your LLC, such as its name, purpose, location, and jurisdiction. Louisiana requires a filing fee of $100, but it is free to file articles of organization online. The Louisiana Secretary of State also requires you to file operating agreements between members, which detail the rules of the LLC and how you will let new members in and deal with disputes.

Once you have decided on the name of your LLC, you can complete the process by filing articles of organization in Louisiana. If you choose to file by mail, you can send a copy of the document to the Louisiana Secretary of State. To file articles of organization, you must create an account on the website. Log in with your username and password to proceed with filing the application. The next step is to pay the filing fee for louisiana articles of organization. If you decide to file the certificate of formation through the mail, you can follow the directions below.

In addition to the Louisiana articles of organization, you must also file a federal tax ID number. The Louisiana Secretary of State requires you to name a registered agent, who will receive official documents on behalf of the company. The registered agent must be an individual who resides in Louisiana and has a physical address in Louisiana. A registered agent service can cost anywhere from $49 to $300. Once you’ve chosen your name and gathered your information, you can begin filing your louisiana llc articles.

Required information

There are specific information requirements that must be included in the articles of organization filed with the Louisiana Secretary of State. Names can include commas or not, and a Limited Liability Company must have one or more members. If the LLC has members, Louisiana does not have age requirements. The company must have a legal address. The Louisiana Secretary of State will request information about the type of business the company will be and the duration of its existence.

LLCs in Louisiana must file operating agreements and articles of organization to be legally recognized. These agreements outline the rules of management and set expectations for decisions made by members. These documents are available on the Internet or from a lawyer. When planning a business, it’s also a good idea to consult a lawyer or a company that offers incorporation services. Besides filing your articles, make sure to check if your state requires licensing.

The Initial Report must be notarized by a notary. The notary’s name must be typed or printed, and the notary’s number must be listed. To find the name of a notary in Louisiana, use the notary search tool on Google or your state’s bar roll number. Then, select the Louisiana-licensed notary and fill out the form. Once you’ve completed the article of organization, you can submit it online, by mail, or in person.

In addition to the required information for the Louisiana articles of organization, businesses must also report any significant changes in their organization. They must do so through the state’s amendment process, which involves filing formal paperwork. If you’re looking for a new name for your business, you can use the Louisiana Business Entity Search tool to check whether it’s available. If you’re a business owner, it’s imperative that you get the articles of organization filed right, or you’ll be faced with severe penalties.


The duration of Louisiana articles of organization must be stated in order to form a legal entity. Unlike other states, Louisiana law does not require members to file the articles of organization in their own names. Instead, the LLC members may ask a non-member to file the documents on their behalf. However, if the members do not wish to do this, they may hire a legal entity to file the documents for them. The duration of Louisiana articles of organization must be stated in order to form an LLC.

Operating agreements are required for multi-member companies. Operating agreements outline the rules of management and establish expectations for company decisions. You can obtain an operating agreement template online, hire an attorney to help you prepare one, or just use a model to plan your business. Another legal document you will need is your Employer Identification Number, or EIN. Your EIN is similar to your social security number and is required to open a bank account for the company and hire employees.

The duration of Louisiana articles of organization varies based on the type of business entity you’re forming. If you have a Louisiana LLC, the process could be completed faster than in other states. An LLC can be organized in three ways: a traditional business filing, online filing, or both. Either way, filing articles of organization in Louisiana is required in the first year, and you should be prepared to pay for this upfront.

The duration of Louisiana LLC articles of organization is crucial in forming your business legally. By filing them on time, you will have an LLC with a registered agent in louisiana. The Louisiana LLC Articles of Organization are a legal document that establishes the identity of the LLC and the members, as well as the contact information for the LLC’s registered agent and members. These documents must be notarized before filing. They cost a small fee of $100.

Notary public

The Louisiana articles of organization must be properly completed in order to be a Notary Public. The Louisiana Authentic Act governs the role of a notary in the state and sets the rules and regulations for practicing in the state. In Louisiana, a notary may perform the tasks of a notary in a variety of fields, including drafting legal documents, and handling successions for under $125,000. A Louisiana notary may not practice law, but can draft contracts and documents related to real estate. Unlike attorneys, non-attorney notaries are not allowed to offer legal advice or open private practices.

The Notary public must obtain an official stamp to authenticate documents. This stamp must be a rectangular shape with an edge that is milled or serrated. Its border must be no more than two and one-half inches, and the stamp must be readable. A seal image may be affixed electronically if the information required by the law is securely and logically affixed to an electronic record.

The Louisiana Secretary of State’s online tool lets you check whether a business name is available. If so, you can file articles of organization online or mail them. For the latter, you’ll have to pay an additional fee for expedited service, which costs an additional $30 or $50. If you are not in the same city, you can search for a notary by zip code, bar roll number, or email address.

Before applying for your notary commission, make sure you’ve read and understood the Louisiana notary examination. It is not an easy exam. A notary commission is an invaluable asset for any paralegal. If you’re already familiar with real estate law, you should consider becoming a Notary Public. Being a Notary Public can give you an edge over other paralegals and add another service to your practice.

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