Georgia Articles of Organization

Listed below are the important aspects of a georgia articles of organization. They cover such topics as: Articles of Organization, Form CD 231, Corporate designator, Required signatures, Foreign qualified status, and more. When a Georgia llc is formed, it must select a registered agent. The registered agent is responsible for receiving important notices and accepting … Read more

How to Choose the Best Georgia Registered Agent

While deciding on a registered agent, you should carefully consider the services offered by various companies in Georgia. It is imperative that you use a domestic entity or a foreign-qualified entity. This way, your confidential documents are safe from misplacing and are off the public record. These services are an excellent choice if you don’t … Read more

The Importance of an LLC Operating Agreement

A strong llc Operating Agreement in Georgia can lay out the framework for your company’s succession planning in case one or more founding members pass away or retire. A strong georgia llc Operating Agreement should clearly specify membership percentages and go by priority claim to existing members. It’s possible for all of the founding members … Read more