The Best Maryland Registered Agent Services For Small Businesses

If you’re looking for an affordable registered agent in Maryland, you’ve come to the right place. You can find registered agent services that are right for your business needs from LegalZoom to ZenBusiness. If you’re unsure which to choose, we’ve put together a list of top services. Find out why these services are the best for small businesses, and learn how you can save money while keeping your business on track.

Best Maryland Registered Agent


One of the leading business formation services in Maryland is ZenBusiness. This registered agent service provides all of the legal requirements for your business, including free statutory agent services. While the company offers other services as well, the main focus is on registering new companies. ZenBusiness also offers other services to help you run your business more efficiently, such as offering advice on how to best protect your company from lawsuits. Here, we compare three maryland registered agent services to help you make the best choice for your company.

While many companies offer free services, ZenBusiness is a good choice for maryland registered agent services. Unlike other services, you won’t have to deal with the hassles of filing your own documents. Registration with a Maryland registered agent can take a few days. ZenBusiness Maryland registered agent service is available for only $39, plus fees for the state of Maryland. You can even get a 50% discount if you sign up for their annual filings.

Another popular registered agent service is CSC Global. This company has been in business for 120 years and has a top-rated customer service team. They help their clients remain compliant, meet deadlines, and minimize their risk. Their registered agent services in Maryland offer an extensive range of features and benefits, including a good standing calendar, fillable PDF forms, and eFiling links. In addition, Incfile helps you form a new llc and provides accountant-specific advice.

You may also want to consider a law firm that offers registered agent services in Maryland. Sims Showers LLP is an excellent choice for Maryland resident agent services and has a stellar reputation in the community. Its team specializes in business, intellectual property, and family law. If you’re not sure how to hire a registered agent in Maryland, you can start by checking out their reviews. You’ll be glad you did!


In Maryland, a Registered Agent is a business’s legal contact point in the state. A maryland registered agent can be helpful to a company in many ways, from handling state paperwork to helping you protect your privacy. An agent sets up a public facing address for a company. While all official correspondence is sent to a private contact address, a registered agent keeps track of all deadlines for the business. These services are ideal for new businesses, because they can keep track of all the state requirements while preserving the privacy of a business owner.

When choosing a registered agent, you should look for someone who is accessible during business hours. Fortunately, there are many registered agent services available online and on the phone to work around your schedule. Additionally, many registered agent services take online backups of all documents to ensure the security of your llc papers. It’s important to select someone with whom you can communicate easily and reliably. Keep these things in mind before selecting an agent. It’s never too late to switch to a new one!

Before forming a maryland llc, you’ll need to choose a registered agent. A registered agent can provide you with the necessary paperwork to start your business. However, registered agent services vary by state. In Maryland, there are several registered agent services that offer local services. Alternatively, you can hire a national registered agent service. These companies are especially beneficial to local businesses and entrepreneurs who lack clerical skills. They offer a full range of legal services, including Maryland registered agent services.

Another good option is LegalZoom. The registered agent service offered by this online business formation service costs $299/year, and you get a street address and service. For this amount, you can choose between service of process and document preparation templates. Depending on your needs, you might not require a lawyer. The services can even help you in obtaining business licenses. However, you should make sure you have adequate funds to pay the registered agent fee and other fees.


If you are searching for a Maryland registered agent, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need a standard service for your business or something more advanced, LegalZoom has what you need. With services ranging from basic registered agent services to LLC and incorporation, LegalZoom has something for everyone. However, you should note that the company’s customer service has gotten a bad reputation. While their pricing is competitive, they don’t prioritize great customer service.

A registered agent is an individual or a business. A registered agent must be physically present at the address listed to accept service of process. A registered agent cannot be a telecommuter, part-time employee, or a remote meeting. As such, a business’ registered agent should be physically present at the address during business hours. However, some businesses choose to enlist the services of a registered agent based on their location.

A Maryland registered agent service will also offer a variety of other legal services. Listed agent services are generally cheaper than nationwide firms, but local registered agent services are more likely to be familiar with local requirements. Even though national registered agent services are familiar with the laws of other states, a local agent may have a more personal feel to their clients. So, when choosing a registered agent, be sure to do your research. LegalZoom Maryland registered agent service has earned an excellent reputation in Maryland and beyond.

In addition to offering a registered agent service, LegalZoom also provides legal advice and services. The company has served more than 25,000 organizations and has excellent customer service. The company also offers a wide range of services, including legal advice and compliance filings. While LegalZoom may not have as much experience as its competitors, they do offer competitive pricing and a comprehensive range of services. They are an excellent choice for a Maryland registered agent.

Northwest Registered Agent

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective Registered Agent in Maryland, look no further than the team at Northwest Registered Agent. They have high ratings on Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau, and a 4.5-star rating on the BBB website. These registered agents pride themselves on providing quick, hassle-free customer service. In addition to offering professional assistance, they guarantee to be your single point of contact for any legal matters.

A registered agent can save you a lot of time and money by filling out paperwork and sending them to the appropriate authorities. Additionally, they can provide valuable business support. The fee for registered agent services can be affordable, and you will also receive exceptional customer service from the staff. Their service is highly automated, and they even scan documents locally. You can also save money by signing up for multiple states with Northwest Registered Agent. The Maryland-based company also provides a free one-year registration.

To start your business, you must fill out the appropriate paperwork at the Northwest Registered Agent’s office. This company will ask you for information about your business and the state in which you intend to register. Additionally, if your LLC will be member-managed, you will need to provide the names of all members. If any of this information is missing, you will be contacted. This service also offers volume discounts. With a two-decade track record, you can trust Northwest Registered Agent.

There are several different types of Registered Agent in Maryland, and each one offers its own benefits and features. You should look into each one carefully to determine what will work best for you. While some of these are superior, there are also a few cons. Northwest Registered Agent offers the best value for your money. They provide a one-year registered agent service and a wide variety of templates for legal documents. If you want to create an LLC, they also offer operating agreement templates. Operating agreements are required in some states, while others do not.

SunDoc Filings

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable registered agent for Maryland, you’ve come to the right place. SunDoc Filings provides comprehensive Maryland business registration services, including obtaining an EIN (employer identification number), which is similar to an individual’s social security number. Obtaining an EIN is necessary for a variety of reasons, including paying taxes, hiring employees, and opening a bank account. Not only does this service help you avoid expensive penalties, but it also helps you keep track of all the deadlines and requirements in the state of Maryland.

SunDoc Filings offers a variety of packages, including a peace of mind package that includes all the LLC services you need, as well as an EIN, and expedited service. While this package costs more than average, it’s still well worth the price for business owners just looking for an LLC formation. Moreover, they don’t offer the most competitive prices. However, you can get a registered agent for Maryland for less than $100 with a single package.

Customer feedback for SunDoc Filings is impressive. The company is rated 4.8 out of five stars on TrustPilot, and it has thousands of positive reviews on Yelp and Google. Customers appreciate the quality of customer support and the speed of service. In addition, the company’s customer support team is highly responsive and rarely receives a complaint. If you’re in need of assistance, you can also contact SunDoc directly through their website.

In addition to having the best registered agent in Maryland, you’ll also get a host of other benefits, including mail forwarding, document storage in the cloud, and timely notifications about important events. SunDoc Filings offers all of these benefits, and more. If you’re looking for a registered agent in Maryland, get started with the online registration process today! You’ll be happy you did!

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