YoWhatsApp (YOWA) – Learn How to Use Yo Whatsapp

While other social media applications are setting new trends and features out there, WhatsApp is still a must-have app. But not just WhatsApp; the WhatsApp mods like YoWhatsapp are more in elevation of success. These applications are so great that they can provide the best features to people to increase their privacy.

how to use yowhatsapp

How to Use YOWhatsApp – YOWA

Learning How To Use YoWhatsapp is not that hard; we can learn to use it so quickly. If you have used WhatsApp, then you already know the basic aspects of the application. And if you have used it, then it is probably why you decided to use the app of YoWhatsapp. There is a list of things that we wish were there on the original WhatsApp. People were trying to alleviate the weaknesses, and then we stumbled over YoWhatsapp.

Let’s check out the features we find in YoWhatsapp to learn how to use them!

Instant texts

We have the feature of texting on phones already. But we have to pay for these texts. It is not the same in this specific app we are talking about. We get to send the messages just with the internet connection from the app. All we have to do is open the chat window, type a text, and press that paper airplane button on the side. It is so easy, and we can also add emojis or pictures in the chat. Many people like to make groups and broadcast lists to send one message to all, and it is also free of cost in the messaging app called YoWhatsapp.


Sending pictures and videos to all friends is a hassle. And when we want to forward files to all, the app’s interface doesn’t allow sending files to everyone at once. So that is the reason this feature has given us a good thing to enjoy. We can send the file on the status, and our contacts will have access to that. We can even change the access to those we want to see the image or video we are uploading. Interacting this way will be easy, and there is no hassle in it too.

Call on the spot

The calling feature is normal, but we live apart from people these days, and we would give anything to see their faces. So with the YoWhatsapp video calling feature, we can add people to the call and have our time. It is a great thing, and the quality of the call is so good that it feels like we are talking in person only. It is a basic thing that we can find in the original app too. But in YoWhatsapp, we can change the settings of who can or can’t call us too.

The last say

At last, all we want to say is that the app is quite easy to use and operate. But all you need to know is, we need to install the app from a legit source. Because if we don’t do that, the device will be prone to risks like viruses and damage.

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