Download Soula WhatsApp APK v6.40 (Updated Version 2022)

Life is made more accessible and more convenient through the innovation of digital phones and social media services. Many of us have been thankful to possess WhatsApp for our communication needs. One of the most popular applications from WhatsApp mod APK today is the Soula WhatsApp. Meanwhile, do look at  SX Projects for other mods.


The app will enable you to control the specific aspects of operation and confidentiality about the chat and the application without violating the terms of the uses of WhatsApp. Now, let us all prepare to discover Soula WhatsApp full information and download directory.

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Soula WhatsApp APK

A mod version of the official WhatsApp implies that Soula WhatsApp with the additional features and mod. The Syrians creator Sommer Damous makes the app. 

Advantages of the App

Soula WhatsApp has two versions. This lite and the official version. Both have a tremendous benefit to give the users of the app. Here are the advantages for the official app of Soula WhatsApp:

  • Keep the conversation running- You can seamlessly sync all chat to your computer with WhatsApp on the interweb and desktop. So you can chat on any device that is accessible for you.

You are sharing valuable moments- Hassle-free of sending pictures and videos on WhatsApp. Capture moments that are important to you using a built-in camera. Photos and videos will be delivered quickly, even if you are in a slow connection.

Soula WhatsApp APK File Info:

App NameSoula WhatsApp
RequirementAndroid 4 and higher
Size43.1 MB
Last Updates1 day ago

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Are you finished downloading Soula WhatsApp? Don’t waste your time! Below are some procedures to install Soula WhatsApp APK on your device:

  • Proceed to the settings, then to the security 
  • Make sure to initiate the unknown sources 
  • Look for the APK file on your smartphone
  • Open the APK file and follow the guidelines
  • We recommend you to remove the unknown sources, but it is optional though


Soula has an extensive range of favor to give to the users of the app. Here is the coverage of features that the app can offer to y’all:

Main/Chat Screen Mods

At the upper part of the page of Soula, you will find “WhatsApp.” The written text will enable you to replace the WhatsApp title, number, or the status using Soula mods WhatsApp.You can conceal and archive the chat button from the main screen of this WhatsApp. Doing so will enable you to remove the gray border on the main screen, which divides the chats.

Media Sharing Mods

Notification will not hold playing audios. You have the authority to share up to 700MB film files on WhatsApp Soula. Sharing the original quality of the image will not lose the quality of the picture. Soula WhatsApp has a video allowance of 30 minutes now.

Privacy Mods

Enables you to hide your online situation by the freeze last seen option. You can stop others from deleting their messages through the revoke mod. Allowing this option will prevent a person from revoking the letter they sent from you or on a group. By using the hide status view mod, you can see their WhatsApp status without the person knowing it. Soula WhatsApp can conceal the blue tick and second tick. It also allows you to write or record the voice note in the contact, broadcast, or group talk by the hide typing/ recording status mod. 

Change Icons

Change the icon of this launcher you choose from twelve different styles. All the forms are fresh. The image will change to Soula WhatsApp App Icon.

General Setting Mods

The choice to change the theme color from white to dark by the complete setting option. You have an opportunity to enable or disable the communication counter in the Soula WhatsApp icon. This option will show you some numbers of unread messages. The app has a multi-chat option during the chat about becoming a card, and you can switch from individual conversations to another.

More of the features:

  • More stability, security, and speed of execution
  • Ability to send texts not just to your contacts but also to any WhatsApp number
  • More extra space to write your status
  • New pack of smileys and emoticons
  • Compatibility to send different formats up to 100 files 
  • Further choices to retrieve information and make backup copies
  • Unlocked original hidden options
  • Transmitting a batch of up to 100 images
  • More privacy options associated with contacting management, groups, and chats those that share status
  • Conceal the keyboard through the “cancel open the keyboard” option.
  • Select and lift small text from a long message by the “text selectable option.”
  • Conceal name and date when copying someone’s message 
  • Allows seeing the full elaborate words without the option” read more.”

How to update?

Download the latest variant of Soula WhatsApp. Get the APK link from above. Then, connect the APK as usual. Do not uninstall the application you download prior to it to update.

Before updating the Soula WhatsApp app, it stands recommended that you back up your files. In this way, you can never get to lose your conversations, essential data, and you will be extra safe.

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How do I download Soula Whatsapp?

To download the app, click the button below and it will lead you to the page where you can prepare to download Soula WhatsApp APK. Follow the steps given on the web where you will be redirected.

How do I install Soula Whatsapp?

-Go to the settings, then to its security 
-Make sure to activate the unknown sources 
-Look for one APK file on your smartphone
-Launch the APK file and follow those guidelines

We recommend you to disable the unknown sources, but it is voluntary though

How do I update Soula Whatsapp?

Download the latest version of Soula WhatsApp. Get the APK connection from above. Then, install the APK as usual. Do not remove the application you download before for it to update. Before modernizing the Soula WhatsApp app, we recommend that you support your files. In this way, you will never get to misplace your conversations, essential files, and you will be over secured.

Let’s Wrap it up!

Soula is one of the most popular mod apps on WhatsApp now. One of the most popular applications of WhatsApp mod APK today remains the Soula WhatsApp. App will allow control of the particular aspect of operations and confidentiality of the chat and the application apart from violating the terms of the use of WhatsApp. 

You will recognize that Soula offers the same options as the others if you can download the APK file. That is new options for tailor making the interface and graphical section, greater privacy control on the section of the user, and options as to the limitations on sending data that we sometimes find. 

What more will you ask for? Try the Soula WhatsApp soon and let us know how you find the app.

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